Boban Stošić

Bass leader

He received his primary and secondary education from the school for the musically gifted in Cuprija, where he was first familiarized with playing in orchestras and chamber collectives. He graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where, during his studies, he became the solo contrabass player for the Saint George Chamber Orchestra. For his master’s studies in 2006, he went to Norway (Stavanger), where he played for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra until graduating in 2008. Since 2009, he has been playing in the Belgrade Philharmonic, where he became a permanent member in 2011.

Since 2010, he has been an active member of various chamber orchestras, such as Nemanja Radulovic’s Double Sense, Isidora Zebeljan’s orchestra, the ensemble for modern music, Construction (Gradiliste), Musicon, and Libercuatro.

Throughout his education and up until this day, in addition to playing in orchestras, he has also been an avid player in various musical collectives of different profiles and varying musical genres (opera, ballet, tango, theatre plays, studio recordings, TV shows, music videos, commercials, etc.)

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